God will prepare everything for our Perfect Happiness in Heaven and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he will be there.

– Billy Graham
In Loving Memory of Abbey (October 7, 1999 – July 8, 2016)

My Dear Abbey,
Your love, loyalty and attentiveness was truly something wonderful.
You will forever live in my heart!

In Loving Memory of Lucy
In Loving Memory of Kensie (May 8, 2002 – Sep 30, 2016)
In Loving Memory of Sammy (Jan 11, 2004 – Feb 17, 2017)

A true friend leaves paw prints in your heart. We love and miss you

For a special way to honor a beloved person or pet, for yourself or someone else, you can send a nice donation along with a picture and tribute to Beulah Land Dog Rescue. BLDR will then post your tribute to our Memorial Page, plus send a sympathy card to the family or friend of the individual/pet you have honored.

You can send your donation through PayPal and then email the picture and/or tribute along with the address of the recipient for the sympathy card to If you prefer, you can send a check or money order along with your picture, tribute, recipient address and mail to:

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